The case of Dabai Chiefdom
Atom Turba Ishaku

Dabai, a community in Zuru Local Government Area of Kebbi State has a good history of Traditional Institutions. The Chiefdom is the heart that produces the Emir of Zuru. Unfortunately, since the demise of the Chief of Dabai, Alhaji Isa Sami, almost 2 years ago, the community is yet to have a substantive Chief. I want to use this medium to appeal to the State Government to kindly look into and resolve this issue amicably for the betterment of our Traditional Institutions. Though, election was held, unfortunately, the outcome came with a lot of agitations which led to the cancellation of the election. However, the following are things to consider to act without further delay:

  1. Electoral advantage
  2. Continuous cordial relationship among the Royal family.

In addition, history has it that after liquidating the Royal Houses, the prominent 3 among them now are:

  1. Dantudu Gomo family – Dantudu was the Emir of Zuru between 1946 – 1960
  2. Danga Gomo family –Danga Gomo was also the Emir of Zuru between 1964 – 1995
  3. Sami Gomo family –Sani Sami (Sami Gomo 2) is the Emir from 1995 to date.


Sami Gomo family is currently holding the highest title in Zuruland and family again were the occupants of the vacant seat of Chief of Dabai. Danga Gomo family is currently occupying Marafan Dabai while Sami Gomo

My Recommendation!

Base on what is obtainable in other areas, I will like to suggest that government should ensure equity in the selection of the Chief of Dabai by carefully studying the situation of the dominated family. The inability to fill in the vacant Chief of Dabai can be viewed in a negative direction as a result of the burden on the Emir to address certain issues emanating from 2018 D'biti. A traditional festival aimed at celebrating the graduation of ‘ Yan Golmo. It’s high time for all concerned citizens to call on the attention of the Emirate Council and Kebbi State Government, as a matter of urgency install a new substantive Chief of Dabai before Uhola festival to reduce the burden on the Emir. Many commentators are of the view that an Acting Chief has many limitations as he could not initiate and execute policies no matter the positive impact to the people of the Chiefdom without consulting the Emirate Council. This often delays actions because of bureaucratic procedures. However, the activities of the Acting Chief can be applauded to some extent even though he is a District Head that serves under the Chiefdom which may be contrary to the protocol of appointment from the Emirate Council officials to be so appointed in that capacity. As concerned citizens continue to express their feelings, one thing is certain which was raised in my earlier


The ability to carry every Royal Family along can go along way in smoothening the cordial and long term relationship within and outside the Royal Blood. However, I will renew my call to address marginalisation. The following are the benefits of having substantive Chief:
  1. To relief the burden on the Emir through decentralisation of decisions and actions
  2. Political advantage on the part of the government if marginalisation is addressed.

In conclusion, I want to personally appeal to the Emir, stake holders and the State Government itself to look into this matter, address marginalisation for royal harmony and fill in the vacant Chief of Dabai that has been there for more than 1½ years before the end of the year.

In reaction to this, the youths under the aegis of Dabai United Youths Forum through its DG Media and Publicity Atom Turba Ishaku urged members of the public to enrol in the party registration and obtain their PVCs as well.